Virtue is Triumphant: The Malfactors are Meeting Justice at Last!

(Lunyu) [Comment, Declaration]

     ”  Dafa is the wisdom of the Creator. It is the bedrock of creation, what the heavens, earth, and universe are built upon. It encompasses all things, from the utmost minuscule to the vastest of the vast, while manifesting differently at each of the cosmic body’s planes of existence. From the depths of the microcosm to where the tiniest of particles first appear, there are layers upon layers of countless particles, ranging in size from small to great, reaching all the way to those of the outer planes that humankind knows—to atoms, molecules, planets, and galaxies—and beyond, to what is still larger, with particles of varying sizes making up lives of varying sizes as well as the worlds of varying sizes that are found throughout the cosmic body. Lives at any of the various planes of particles perceive the particles of the next larger plane to be planets in their skies, and this is true at each and every plane. To the lives at each plane of the universe, it seems to go on infinitely. It was Dafa that created time and space, the multitude of lives and species, and all of creation; all that exists owes to it, with nothing outside of it. All of these are the tangible expressions, at different planes, of Dafa’s qualities: Zhen, Shan, and Ren.


       However advanced people’s means of exploring space and probing life may be, the knowledge gained is limited to certain parts of this one dimension at a low plane of the universe, where human beings reside. Other planets were explored before by humans during civilizations predating history. Yet for all the heights and distances achieved, humankind has never managed to depart from the dimension in which it exists, and the true picture of the universe will forever elude it. If a human being is to understand the mysteries of the universe, space-time, and the human body, he must take up cultivation of a true Way and achieve true enlightenment, raising his plane of being. Through cultivation his moral character will elevate, and once he has learned to discern what is truly good from evil, and virtue from vice, and he goes beyond the human plane, he will see and gain access to the realities of the universe as well as the lives of other dimensions and planes.


       While people often claim that their scientific pursuits are to “improve quality of life,” it is technological competition that drives them. And in most cases they have come about only after people have pushed out the divine and abandoned moral codes meant to ensure self-restraint. It was for these reasons that civilizations of the past many times met with destruction. Yet people’s explorations are necessarily limited to this material world, and the methods are such that only what has been recognized is studied. Meanwhile, things that are intangible or invisible in the human dimension, but that do objectively exist and do reveal themselves in real ways in this immediate world—such as spirituality, faith, divine word, and miracles—are treated as taboo, for people have cast out the divine.

       If the human race is able to improve its character, conduct, and thinking by grounding these in moral values, it will be possible for civilization to endure and even for miracles to occur again in the human world. Many times in the past, cultures that were as divine as they were human have appeared in this world and helped people to arrive at a truer understanding of life and the universe. When people show the appropriate respect and reverence toward Dafa as it manifests here in this world, they, their race, or their nation will enjoy blessings, honor, and glory. Any life that turns away from Dafa, however, is truly corrupt, for it was Dafa—the Great Way of the universe—that created the cosmic body, the universe, life, and all of creation. Any person who can align with Dafa is truly a good person, and will be rewarded and blessed with health and happiness. And any cultivator who is able to become one with Dafa is an enlightened one—divine.  “

                    Li Hongzhi [Spiritual Master and Teacher of Falun Dafa]
May 24, 2015

Translation Updated June 16, 2015
Print PDF files will be updated soo

Chinese practitioners, with banners declaring “Truth, Compassion, Forbearance, defying Chinese police

Jiang Zemin’s Cohorts Getting Nervous About the Long Arm of Justice….

( Sixteen years after Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), launched the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, practitioners who have endured the countless injustices are finally exercising their right to pursue litigation.

Since May 28, more than 800 lawsuits from Falun Gong practitioners around China were sent to the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’sProcuratorate. These cases against Jiang aim to restore justice in China’s society and represent the will of China’s people.

The increasing number of lawsuits from Falun Gong practitioners caused some members of Jiang’s clique to panic. Some of his followers had practitioners arrested as they attempted to mail indictments to the courts, and others mobilized local police to block the mail from reaching the courts.

In Bin County in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, the police department ordered post offices and express mail services to reject any mail from Falun Gong practitioners.

Post office workers in Macheng in Hubei Province illegally examined mail to make sure they did not contain indictments against Jiang Zemin.

The police in Jinchang City in Gansu Province arrested five Falun Gong practitioners Fan Yongcheng, Wang Zefang, Wang Yongfang, Wang Yukang and Wang Lifeng from a post office in two separate incidents. They police also confiscated their indictments.

The three locales mentioned are notorious for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. For more than a decade, local Communist Party officials and police have committed serious crimes against Falun Gong practitioners, including torturing them, stealing their personal property, and pressuring their employers to terminate them.

It’s out of great compassion that practitioners sue Jiang Zemin instead of targeting these lower-level perpetrators. It is practitioners’ hope that those involved in carrying out Jiang’s policy of persecution will still have an opportunity to turn around and make up for their heinous crimes.

Striving to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Falun Gong practitioners are China’s most compassionate and lawful citizens. Despite the obvious benefits Falun Gong brought to Chinese society, such as improved health and moral standards, Jiang utilized the entire state apparatus to inflict the most inhumane treatment upon practitioners. Unlawful imprisonment is commonplace, as are physical and psychological torture and brainwashing.

In China, citizens have the right to file criminal complaints. The System Reform Opinions issued by the Supreme People’s Court on May 1 of this year also stated, “In order to guarantee the rights of litigants, and effectively resolve problems encountered by masses of people with ‘Filing difficulty’ problems, the court system has reformed the filing review and change registration system… the court must accept the case according to law, and no unit or individual shall use any excuse to obstruct the court from accepting the case.”

While we strongly condemn the recent crimes where members of Jiang’s group blocked criminal complaints against him from reaching the courts, we hope that those who have assisted Jiang in carrying out crimes against Falun Gong practitioners will turn their actions around and start to make up for their crimes.

Falun Gong practitioners are determined to bring Jiang, as well as his accomplices, to justice.



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